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Help Your Clients Navigate the Elder Care Journey

Give them A Life Care Plan

More Control. More Clarity. More Peace of Mind.

Mother and Daughter

Don’t Let Them Struggle Alone

Aging, long-term illness, and disability create legal, financial, and personal challenges for older adults and the families who love and care for them. 
If you have clients who are navigating the long-term care maze with an elderly loved one, this book will help. 

A Life Care Plan explains how working with a care-based elder law firm makes the journey easier for everyone involved. Using layman’s terms, the book explains what a Life Care Plan is, how it works, what's included, and who benefits from this integrated approach to elder law. Complicated topics like Medicaid planning, asset protection planning, Medicare coverage, and trusts are explained in language everyone can understand.


Here's a Sample of What's Covered

  • How to identify what your loved one needs

  • The legal documents everyone needs

  • Getting the most from long-term care insurance

  • How care coordination works & why it’s so valuable

  • How the elder care journey really works

  • Where to find services and resources

  • How to pay for care without going broke

  • How (and when) to access Medicaid benefits

  • Residential options for older adults

  • Advocating for high quality care  

  • Common planning mistakes

  • When Medicare does (and doesn’t) cover

  • The VA benefits almost no one knows about 

  • Finding good care

  • End-of-life planning and why it’s so important

Supercharge Your Marketing

If you work with older adults and their families, A Life Care Plan gives you a marketing asset that showcases your ability to direct families to the support they need most. 

Here are just a few examples of how you can use the book:

  • Give complimentary copies to clients and prospects.

  • Hold drawings to give away books at community events.

  • Offer books as free gifts at seminars, webinars, and talks.


Help Your Clients Discover a Better Way

Give your clients the gift of A Life Care Plan.
Available to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target.

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